LL Cool J Admits He's Nervous to Host The Grammys

Sunday's Grammy Awards will feature LL Cool J's second turn as host for the big show, but even this seasoned professional gets a few butterflies now and again.
ET caught up with the NCIS: Los Angeles star in a free moment as he perused the Grammy Gift Lounge, presented by MTG, featuring signature headwear by New Era, Gibson guitars, Solstice sunglasses, 4 Leaf Clover handbags (courtesy of KeepAmerica.com) and Simone I. Smith Jewelry . Although LL exuded a calm, cool demeanor, inside he's a bit nervous about stepping onto the stage come Sunday.
"Of course [I get nervous]," LL revealed, adding that fear isn't always a bad thing. "It feels good to know that it's a challenge that you accept and you can embrace."
So what's his strategy to combat his nerves?
"You can't rehearse nerves," said LL, accepting an onset of the jitters this weekend. "You just gotta get out there and do what you gotta do."
Watch the video for more from LL, plus a sneak peek at the goodies in this year's gifting lounge! The 55th Annual Grammy Awards air Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.