Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert's Bromance Will Live On in Late Night

It's no secret that Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert have an incredibly adorable bromance. But now that Colbert will take over for Letterman will it all change?
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On the red carpet at the 2014 Emmys, The Tonight Show host explained that his complicated relationship with late night newcomer Stephen Colbert has shifted.
"He's such a good friend that we're enemies right now," Fallon joked, "He's going to do so great. I so looking forward to the competition."
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Check out the video above to see Jimmy Fallon's love for Stephen Colbert.
The bromance continued inside the award show when Colbert accepted the award for Best Variety Series on behalf of The Colbert Report.  A shy Colbert channeled his feelings through pal Jimmy Fallon, see it below!
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