Taylor Swift Throws Some Shade After Justin Bieber's iHeartRadio Music Awards Performance

Is it too late to say sorry for the bad blood?
Taylor Swift was cut to directly after Justin Bieber's iHeartRadio Music Awards performance on Sunday night, and let's just say the 1989 singer seemed ready for it to be over, taking a sip of her drink after offering a polite golf clap and looking away.
Is it just us, or is there some shade there?
It's understandable why Bieber would be on Swift's bad list. Besides the fact that he's been buddying up recently with her enemy-turned-friend-turned-enemy again Kanye West, the 26-year-old artist has to stand up for her BFF, and Bieber's ex, Selena Gomez, who walked into the show only after the 22-year-old singer had already performed.
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That's not to say the former couple hasn't been sparking rumors again as of late. In March, the "Hands to Myself" singer showed up to support Bieber during the L.A. leg of his Purpose tour.
Additionally, Bieber has been feeling the "feels" himself, as the singer shared on Instagram two weeks ago in a throwback photo of himself smooching his former Disney channel star ex.

Well, if these two are talking again, one thing is clear -- Swift does not seem to be feeling it.
Watch the video below to see how fans reacted to Gomez attending Bieber's show.