EXCLUSIVE: Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner Slay at Emmys, Talk 'Game of Thrones' Tattoos and Crack Dragon Joke

Emilia Clarke was giving off some serious Khalessi vibes when she hit the 2016 Emmy Awards red carpet along with her Game of Thrones co-stars.
The 29-year-old actress stunned in a curve-hugging Atelier Versace gown that she paired with killer dragon heels. "I'm like the biggest fan of the show. It's ridiculous," Clarke told ET, adding that she can't wait to get her GoT scripts. "I have to read everything, obsessively, like, as soon as they come in."
Clarke also has a great response for when her friends ask for spoilers. "I get eaten by a dragon," she joked.
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Meanwhile, Sophie Turner slayed when she hit the Emmys red carpet in a sheer black gown, with her newly blonde hair in a GoT-esque braid. The 20-year-old actress recently got a matching tattoo of 07.08.09 with her onscreen sister, Maisie Williams, and shared with ET the meaning behind the ink.
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"I got it in peach because my mom wanted it to be as invisible as possible, but now I'm showing it to everyone. She's going to be so annoyed," Turner said. "That is the date that Maisie and I both got Game of Thrones."

Turner also had some dragon jokes when asked to give a few season seven spoilers. "Um, some crazy dragon stuff happens," she explained. "The whole thing's amazing and that's all I can say."
Like Clarke, Turner is a big fan of the 23-time Emmy-nominated show and even predicted the genealogy twist that occurred with Jon Snow (Kit Harington) last season. "I already theorized that in my head. I was like, I feel like that's what's going to happen," she shared. "I think 'cause the books came out so long ago, people have had like 20 years to theorize over it."