Ryan Gosling Impersonator Baffles Star-Studded Audience When He Accepts Award on Actor's Behalf

Just over a week after the awkward Oscars flub, some celebrities had to sit through another cringe-worthy moment at Germany's Goldene Kamera awards.
The star-studded audience was visibly puzzled when host Steven Gaetjen announced that La La Land star Ryan Gosling, who he referred to as "one of the hottest stars in Hollywood," would be accepting an award on the film's behalf. However, instead of the 36-year-old actor appearing at the ceremony, another man in a tuxedo took the stage, pretending to be Gosling.
"Good evening, I am Ryan Gosling," the impersonator said. "I dedicate this award to Joko and Klaas, thank you very much. There is a saying in Hamburg, which is, 'bye, bye!'"
Photo: Getty Images/YouTube
According to Daily Mail, the bizarre moment was staged by comedians Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who reportedly had set up a fake agency and assured the awards show that they would deliver Gosling if he won an award. The British publication reports that the man impersonating the Golden Globe winner was actually a cook from Munich named Ludwig Lehner.
During the acceptance speech, cameras panned to Nicole Kidman, Jane Fonda and Colin Ferrell, who all looked baffled by what was transpiring. Following the incident, Gaetjen returned to the stage and made the audience aware of the gaffe.
The strange incident comes after La La Land was incorrectly announced as the winner of Best Picture at the 89th Academy Awards, when really, it was Moonlight that had won. Here's what Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel had to say about the epic snafu: