MTV Movie & TV Awards Opens With Fiery, Star-Studded 'Beauty and the Best' Musical Number

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The MTV Movie & TV Awards kicked off with a huge, elaborate song and dance number parodying Beauty and the Beast that saw Josh Gad, Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine and Hailee Steinfeld singing about the night's nominees as the ornate ballroom set had a few little hiccups -- like burning to the ground.
The Pitch Perfect crew captured the spirit and beauty of the Disney classic with Steinfeld in the role of Belle -- glimmering yellow gown and all -- and Devine cast the Beast, sporting two enormous horns and a whole lot of fur.
As the song went along with elegance and grace -- and an appearance by Wilson as Mrs. Potts in a giant tea pot costume -- things got a little out of hand as the rigged fire soon consumed the stage.
Declaring that he didn't come this far not to finish the song with an elaborate (and dangerous flourish) Devine jumped onto a table on stage and grabbed onto a chandelier that had been lowered down.
"Adam, I hosted this one, and it might not be worth dying for," Wilson warned, Devine was egged on, with the cry of "James Cordon would do it!"
"You're right! James Cordon would do it," Devine said, as he held on tight and flew over the audience on the rigged and wired chandelier, screaming and singing the whole time.
Devine finished the number standing on a dining table in the audience as the stage burned behind him and the set chandelier crashed to the floor.
"That could not have gone better," Devine joked as the actors and back-up dancers fled off the stage behind him.
While the chaos and bedlam was clearly planned, it was a fiery way to kick off the lively awards show, and a wonderful treat for Pitch Perfect fans.
Devine recently opened up to ET about how it's been his dream to host the awards show since he saw Mike Meyers host in the '90s.
"When he hosted, I was like, 'Uh, I want to host that so bad!' It seems like the most fun awards show possible," Devine recalled. Check out the video below to hear more.