Hugh Jackman Gets Adorably Upstaged By 'Logan' Co-Star Dafne Keen at MTV Movie & TV Awards

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It's clear who wears the claws in this duo!
Hugh Jackman got mic-jacked by his 12-year-old Logan co-star, Dafne Keen, at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, as the pair won Best Duo at the show.
When Jackman took the mic to give his acceptance speech, the actress grabbed the mic from him, saying, "You do 17 years [as Wolverine], I don't speak for half of the movie, and you get to say the thank-yous? OK, no."
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Keen then adorably pointed out, "You didn't write your parents here," motioning to Jackman's card, adding, "He thanks mom and dad."
Let her do all the award shows please!
Meanwhile, ET talked to Jackman earlier this year about what his wife thought of his grizzled Logan look.
Watch the video below for what he had to say.