Amy Schumer Got Crazy Amazing and Real at the Emmys Backstage: Her 6 Best Q&A Answers

Amy Schumer may have overtaken BFF Jennifer Lawrence as our favorite person to answer questions backstage at an awards show.
The Emmy-winning comedian gave a press Q&A following her Outstanding Variety Sketch Series victory on Sunday night, where in characteristic Amy fashion, she got very real with the media. It may have only been six brief minutes, but it has convinced us all that we should probably just go ahead and give Amy an Emmy every single year.
Here are her six best, most insane answers from the night!
1. When a question was asked that we already knew the answer to.

"I think you know how I'll be celebrating tonight," said Amy to a reporter who asked how she planned to celebrate the Emmy. "I'm gonna blackout."
2. When she threw major shade at... photographers?
"I remember seeing you there," Amy said to a journalist she mistook for a photographer who mentioned seeing Amy's prank on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the Time 100 red carpet in April. "Why are you allowed to talk, aren't you just the photographer?"
3. When she gave a shout-out to Amy Poehler and their amazing "We are Amy" moment.
"Presenting with Amy Poehler, she's the best," the Inside Amy Schumer star noted was a highlight of her night. "That I could stand there and talk sh** with her and Tina for a minute in a commercial break, I'm like, 'My life's a dream right now.'"
4. When asked if she planned to make out with Tina Fey, but had bigger plans.
"Honestly, anyone who's willing," joked Amy. "I brought my own lube. I don't know if that's something that interests anyone, but yeah, literally anyone."
5. When she really wanted the question to be about Madonna.
"I really hope this next question is about Madonna," Amy told one reporter. "I'll just segue it into Madonna, please ask whatever you want."
She delivered, by the way.
Photo: Television Academy
6. When the front two rows needed to chill out.
"Has anyone in the front two rows ever had an orgasm?" she wondered. "You know this is not a control room, and there is not a rocket ship depending on you, right?"
Truthfully, the whole ordeal was eerily reminiscent of Jennifer Lawrence's amazing post-Oscars Q&A in 2013, where the actress admitted to having a shot before walking out on stage.
After the Emmys on Sunday, Amy revealed to ET that she actually received a text from Jennifer congratulating her on the win.
"Jennifer sent me a really sweet text," Amy said. "She said that I looked pretty but not smart."
Then the Trainwreck star broke the devastating news that the movie the two wrote together won't be filmed for over a year.
"She's the real deal funny," Amy said of Jennifer. "My sister and Jen and I wrote a movie together, so we're gonna hopefully be shooting that in a year or something. We're busy!"
As a consolation, Amy photobombed the Game of Thrones cast, writing, "My real family."

Congratulations, Amy! You totally killed the Emmys.
Watch the comedian gush about Jennifer Lawrence below!