Billy Bob Thornton Address His 'Feud' With Bob Odenkirk During Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Photo: Getty Images
Billy Bob Thornton took home the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Drama Series on Sunday, beating out his former Fargo co-star, Bob Odenkirk, who was nominated for his starring role in Better Call Saul. So Thornton decided to use his acceptance speech time to address their long-standing "feud."
"I do have to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press very much, for picking me over Bob Odenkirk," said Thornton, who won the award for his performance in the Amazon drama Goliath. "Bob and I have had a feud since the 1940s, when we did a movie with Van Johnson. Remember that, Bob? And we've had a little thing ever since."
"So there you go, bud!" Thornton said, holding his Golden Globe aloft as Odenkirk laughed from the audience.
Of course, considering the fact that Thornton was born in 1955 and Odenkirk was born in 1962, their "feud" is clearly an in-joke. Or the eclectic stars have both managed to discover how to travel through time -- which also sounds like the plot to a great TV series they could both star in.
"No, I love Bob," Thornton quickly added, smiling.
Thornton ended his acceptance speech on a more serious note, saying that he was accepting the award in memory of Luke Scott, "a PA on Goliath who left us this past year."
"He was one of those guys who knew what he was doing, and I loved him," Thornton shared.
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