Beyonce Fans Are Trolling Beck Fans on Wikipedia and It's Really Entertaining

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Watch out for the Beygency!
It seems Kanye West wasn't the only one upset when Beck won over Beyonce for Album of the Year. Beyonce fans have been out in full force waging war on Beck where it hurts him most -- his Wikipedia page.
Most of the revisions were pretty on the nose:
The message was pretty clear:
But in general they were all in good fun:
People on Twitter seemed to find it pretty funny:
And to be fair, Beck fans seemed to get in on the action too:
Ultimately, the page was locked after a comically large number of edits. The offending parties didn't seem too broken up about it:
Now, we are probably reading too much into this, but it feels like a Beyonce/Beck collaboration is on the way now, right?
Honestly, it’s a wonder Kanye could be mad at all considering how stunning Kim looked. In case you missed the inciting incident, Kanye's near-Grammy interruption seen 'round the world, watch the video below.