EXCLUSIVE: 'Hamilton' Cast Celebrates GRAMMY Win by Raising a Glass to Freedom


They did not throw away their shot!

The cast of the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, had a big night on Monday during the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Not only did the live performance of their opening number, “Alexander Hamilton,” go off without a hitch, but they also picked up the GRAMMY for Best Musical Theater Album.

“Honestly, the real win tonight is that best cast album was on primetime at the GRAMMY Awards,” Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda told ET's Jennifer Peros after accepting the award live from the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City. “We are not often at the cool kids' table, and it’s really exciting that Broadway music and theater music is being recognized in the same league as all of these other artists.”

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ET was also in the audience during the telecast to celebrate with the cast and crew of the hip hop-themed, biographical musical about the U.S. Founding Father, with Stephen Colbert presiding over the evening’s festivities. 

The Late Show host kept the mood light, cracking jokes for an audience of lucky lottery winners. During the cast’s first rehearsal, Colbert hilariously flubbed his exit when he got in the way of actor Leslie Odom, Jr., who opens the number. They shared a laugh and the crowd cheered for Odom, Jr., before they reset and tried it again.

By 9:30 p.m. ET, it was time for the performance, which went seamlessly. Naturally, the cast picked up the coveted trophy, and the crowd immediately went silent when Miranda began rapping his acceptance speech

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Admittedly superstitious about writing an acceptance speech before winning, Miranda told ET he “had to write it down so I didn't forget anyone.”

While GRAMMYs executive producer Ken Ehrlich told ET he originally wanted to have the production perform live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Miranda was grateful Hamilton stayed in New York City.

“It belongs in this house,” he said. “It’s a very difficult thing to do it anywhere else.”

No doubt, traveling back and forth from New York City to Los Angeles would have been a grueling feat for the production, which is only dark on Mondays. 

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Despite the intense performance schedule, with most of the cast participating in the production since it first started Off Broadway just over one year ago, actor Daveed Diggs said the important subject matter keeps the cast going.

“Lin-Manuel has tapped into something that is right now, and has written a piece and put a thing together that makes us all feel a little bit more proud to be an American at a time when I think we needed that,” he told ET following the cast’s win.

Although the GRAMMYs were over, the cast and crew were far from done for the night. Promising to “raise a glass to freedom” in celebration, Miranda invited a group of loyal fans waiting outside the theater in to hang out with the cast, making time for the people who put them in the room where it happens.