Denzel Washington Did Not Look Happy About Casey Affleck's Best Actor Win at the 2017 Oscars

This was awkward....
The Best Actor category at the 2017 Oscars was largely seen as a contest between Denzel Washington (Fences) and Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea). But when Affleck was announced as the winner, Washington did not look too happy.

Despite Affleck calling him out by name, the 62-year-old actor and director appeared a bit unmoved.
People on Twitter were quick to note the seeming distaste.
Some even speculated that presenter Brie Larson was less than enthused to be handing Affleck the award.
While Washington did not go home with Oscar gold Sunday night, his co-star, Viola Davis, did take home Best Supporting Actress.
What do you think of the awkward Oscars moment?