Knightley Showcases Hilarious Violin Skills

Knightley Showcases Hilarious Violin Skills

December 04, 2012

Keira Knightley should keep her day job. The Anna Karenina actress participated in a holiday themed-song guessing game using a variety of instruments on Monday's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but was forced to hold her own against some musical heavyweights.

Knightley, 27, joined Fallon and musicians Dave Matthews and Michael Buble for the silly competition, and when it came to playing the violin, the actress screeched and scratched her way through a rendition of Row Your Boat. In her defense, she hadn't even held a violin until that night so it's no wonder her version of the classic song sounded more like Jingle Bells

Check out Knightley's team-player skills, and not-so-great musical stylings, below:


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