Joaquin: Fans Make Me Feel Like Santa

Joaquin: Fans Make Me Feel Like Santa


December 18, 2012

If you ever run into Joaquin Phoenix, you may want to think twice before asking him for a photo. The Master actor told The Guardian that sometimes his fans make him feel like a "three-headed bullfrog."

"I think that sometimes maybe I feel like Santa Claus at a mall when a kid wants to take your picture," he said of his celebrity status. Explaining himself further, the Golden Globe nominee, 38, went into a story:

"I went to see this band and this guy came up and said: 'Oh, can I take a picture of you; I'm a real fan.' And I said: 'Look, man, I just got here, if it's OK, I don't wanna just walk in and take a picture – it'd make me feel awkward.' And he just turned and walked away, very angry at me. It didn't seem like it was someone you revere, it was more like I was some three-headed bullfrog they wanted to snap a picture of."

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Phoenix added, "I'd rather just be a f***ing little Santa Claus than someone treated with some reverence. And by the way, that happens maybe once every 17 and a half years so it's not something that I deal with on a regular occurrence."

When asked if he had anything to say to his fans, he didn't. "There's nothing in particular I feel I want to say, and when I do I usually call one of my friends and that usually does the job. But if I have a need to, like, address maybe more than five people I'll give you a call."


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