Bradley Cooper Reveals Third Nipple

Bradley Cooper Reveals Third Nipple


December 19, 2012

Bradley Cooper shocked Ellen DeGeneres' audience when he pulled down his shirt to reveal his third nipple.

"Shall I take my shirt off?" the Silver Linings Playbook actor, 37, teased. Pulling down his shirt, People's 2011 Sexiest Man Alive revealed, "You asked me before but I didn't want to reveal too much...I'll show you why. I have a third nipple - is that not weird? It's disgusting."

But those weren't the only nipples he revealed! "I have a fourth. It's so sick," he said pulling up his sleeve to reveal one on his arm. "And I have a fifth on my leg."

DeGeneres jokes about Cooper's confession, quipping that her show had turned into a "show and tell."

But after going on to reveal a fourth -- and fifth! -- nipple, we're starting to think the whole thing was a ruse to work Ellen's audience up into a pre-gifting frenzy!


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