Kristen Stewart: I

Kristen Stewart: I'm Not Closed Off to Anything


January 03, 2013

Kristen Stewart had a roller coaster of her year, but tells V magazine that it's only made her more "unafraid."

"I have realized that you can close yourself off to life if you put walls up, but it's a difficult thing," Stewart, 22, told the magazine following her cheating scandal this past summer. "You can't see over, people can't see in, and you also can't see out. So I've gotten quite comfortable with just being unafraid. I keep saying the same thing: it's not about being fearless but really just embracing the fears and using them."

The Twilight leading lady added of her future, "I am not closed off to anything right now. That is what I was saying about not having any more walls up. I don't want to deprive myself of any bit of life."

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Stewart will be taking a different turn, professionally anyway, with her new, racey role in novel-turned-movie On The Road. "I would have done anything, I would have played any part," she said of the film. "Marylou is remarkable because she's got a tough core. When you're a teenager, a year can be crippling to maneuver through. You're just out there questioning things, and so to be completely okay with that and not think that there's anything wrong with you, that's something I've recently understood. I'm 22. Marylou started this whole thing when she was 15."


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