Al Roker: I Pooped Myself at White House

Al Roker: I Pooped Myself at White House


January 08, 2013

TMI, Al Roker! The TODAY show weatherman made a seriously embarrassing confession, telling Dateline that after he underwent gastric bypass surgery, he had an accident during a visit to the White House in 2002.

"I pooped my pants. Not horribly, but enough that I knew," he told correspondent Nancy Snyderman, MD, on Sunday night's show. "I was panicking, so I got to the restroom of the press room, threw out the underwear and just went commando."

Roker, who lost a staggering 100 pounds thanks in part to the surgery, said of the procedure, "When you have a bypass and your bowels [have] been reconstructed, you think you're pretty safe."

The 58-year-old morning show star certainly learned a lesson the hard way that day. "It told me that I've gotta be very vigilant as to what I eat."

Roker reacted on Tuesday's TODAY to the pooping comments going viral, saying, "I'm just kind of amazed that this is such a big deal." He adds, "I put that in the book, Never Goin' Back, because I wanted people to realize that there are consequences to gastric bypass surgery, or any kind of gastric surgery. Some of them embarrassing, others can be life threatening or fatal."

Luckily, the incident didn't affect his White House treatment. "Look, the good news is the book title does not refer to the White House because I have been back a number of times without incident."

Check out his Dateline interview in part, below:

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