Dunham Laughs Off Stern

Dunham Laughs Off Stern's 'Little Fat Chicks' Dig


January 11, 2013

Lena Dunham has said that if you didn't like season one of her HBO show Girls, then you'll "hate" season two. On Thursday night, the breakout star went even farther, calling out Howard Stern's criticism of the series, saying she'd like his insults on her tombstone.

"I did find out that Howard Stern really hates [Girls], which I'm a Howard Stern fan, and I believe he's earned the right to free speech and he should just go for it," Dunham, 26, prefaced before calling out the radio host, 58, on his untoward comments. "I wanna get it on my gravestone where he said, 'Congrats to her (Dunham). It's so hard for little fat chicks to get anything going these days."

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The audience erupting in laughter, Dunham told Letterman that the comment put her in the "best mood." Adding to the joke, the Late Show host said into camera, "I think that's the essence of life's struggle, isn't it? Before you go to bed tonight, before your head hits the pillow, please consider little fat chicks and how hard it is to get things going."

Girls returns to HBO for the season two debut this Sunday, Jan. 13.


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