Stars React to Lance Armstrong

Stars React to Lance Armstrong's Confession


January 18, 2013

After years of denial, Lance Armstrong finally admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during his seven Tour de France wins in his interview with Oprah Winfrey. Needless to say, it was a confession that sparked lots of conversation on Twitter, celebrities included.

"I see the anger in people," said Armstrong of fans' reaction to his drug use. "These are people that supported me and believed in me. ... They have every right to feel betrayed and it's my fault. I will spend the rest of my life trying to earn back trust and apologize to people."

Here's what the stars and athletes had to say about the cyclist's long-time-coming admittance:

Serena Williams: "Wow. Watching @Oprah interview. Just WOW."

Andy Roddick:  "Wow..... Oprah comes out very strong!"

Steve Martin: "Bad day: Spent it on a 787 Dreamliner with Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o's ex girlfriend."

Anderson Cooper: "Kudos to @Oprah and her team. That was a riveting interview and she excellent!"

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Piers Morgan: "The fact @lancearmstrong admits he had to look up what the word 'cheat' means, says all you need to know about the man. #LiveWrong"

Matthew Perry: "I always want to make sure Oprah is on MY side."

Lena Dunham: "Despite the latest news my father will not stop using Lance Armstrong as an adjective for strength and determination."

Seth Meyers: "Say what you will, he's still the Lance Armstrong of d*ckheads."

Rashida Jones: "Great day for liars! They are dominating the news today. #CongratsUSA"

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Tom Arnold: "A lot of sports journalists were questioning if Oprah had what it takes to thoroughly interview Lance Armstrong. The woman is shredding him."

Kirstie Alley: "How's the Lance Armstrong interview going?? I can't get the Oprah channel ...ugh"

Jack Osbourne: "Honestly I don't care that Lance doped. He gave people hope and that's more important then anything. So what if he lied. #livestrong"

Rita Wilson: "CHEAT ( noun) A person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage. Lance left out the 'behaves dishonestly' part, right?"

Albert Brooks: "Would love to see Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds do The Odd Couple on Broadway."

Dan Rafael (ESPN.com Boxing Writer & Television Commentator): "At least Lance Armstrong's girlfriend existed."

Kirk Herbstreit (ESPN College Football Analyst): "No matter how many times Lance prepped for his interview w/ Oprah the 1 thing he couldn't overcome was how arrogant & pompous he came across."

What are your feelings on Armstrong's doping confession? Let us know, below.


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