Celeb Sports Fans React to Super Bowl Match-Up

Celeb Sports Fans React to Super Bowl Match-Up


January 21, 2013

Come Sunday, February 3rd, the Super Bowl XLVII will see a sibling rivalry between Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh, and his younger brother, San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. Like lots of sports enthusiasts, celebrities took to their social networking sites to share their excitement for this highly anticipated match-up.

Here's how the stars reacted to the Super Bowl teams:

Justin Timberlake: "This is gonna be a GREAT Super Bowl! 49ers/Ravens?? Can't wait! i'm booking my flight to New Orleans right now! Oh wait... I don't have tickets. Dammit! Anybody know anybody?? LOL!"

Steve Martin: "Amazing Super Bowl day: the San Francisco Boulevardiers will be playing the Baltimore Adventuristas!"

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Stacy Keibler: "It's been 12 years - but worth the wait. Way to go @Ravens! #SuperBowlBound #HarBowl #SendRayOutInStyle"

Chord Overstreet: "Gonna go to the Super Bowl this year! I'll be going for the 49ers. #SuperBowl"

Bret Michaels: "Awesome my prediction of #Harbaugh brothers to be coaching against each other in the Super Bowl is reality. Much respect again to @raylewis."

Jordin Sparks: "I love the game. I enjoy the game no matter whos playing. I love my Cards but am rooting 4 the Ravens in the Superbowl. Clear?"

John Cusack: "America will be drunk “@katiebemooers: That would be a great drinking game for the Super Bowl: how many more times will ray Lewis cry ?"

Holy Robinson Peete: "!! Packing my bags for NOLA “@DwyaneWade: Harbaugh bowl... Y'all ready... This one is gonna be special... #Lafamila” #SuperBowl"

Aubry O'Day: "So stoked the Ravens won... That's the best deal for my Niners going into the Superbowl!!!!! #GONINERS"

Who are you rooting for? Let us know, below.


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