Minaj: Maybe I Should Get Off the F***ing Panel!

Minaj: Maybe I Should Get Off the F***ing Panel!


January 24, 2013

The drama continues between the American Idol judges as Nicki Minaj stormed out of the audition room while hurling F-bombs on Wednesday night's show.

After Summer Cunningham's audition in North Carolina, where she annoyed judge Keith Urban, 45, by saying she "did the country thing," Minaj lashed out at her fellow judges, throwing her hands in the air and saying, "Why are we picking her apart because of a country comment? You guys make comments about everybody in popular music all day. ...Not you Keith, Randy [Jackson] and Mariah [Carey]."

Carey, 42, didn't take this too well, quipping back, "Oh really, is that what I do? I'm trying to help her as opposed to just talking about her outfit."

Jackson, 56, added, "I'm just trying to help you, a little bit, 30 years. Insight."

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Needless to say, Minaj, 30, didn't take too kindly to the judges' responses, yelling as she threw back her seat, "Oh, you're right. I'm sorry. I can't help her. Maybe I should just get off the f***ing panel."

Carey joked as the Pink Friday singer stormed off, "That was my move. I was gonna do that the next time she bagged on me."

Hearing this, Minaj fired back, "Shut the f*** up. ...Finish the show, I'm done."

As for Summer, she's going to Hollywood!


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