Matt Damon Hosts Super Star-Studded

Matt Damon Hosts Super Star-Studded 'Kimmel'


January 25, 2013

Well, Matt Damon finally made it on Jimmy Kimmel Live! After years of the late-night host apologizing to the Oscar winner for running out of time for him, Damon exacted his revenge on Thursday night with the help of his famous friends.

With Kimmel tied up in a swivel chair, Damon hosted the show, starting out by saying, "Welcome to tonight's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Sucks. Just for starters, let me ask you guys this: 'As an audience, is it weird to see a person with actual talent host this show?'"

The jabs kept coming, with Damon adding, "I've been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. This is like the time I lost my virginity, except this is going to last way longer than one second."

Damon even replaced Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo with actor Andy Garcia, band leader Cleto Escobedo III for Sheryl Crow and had his Good Will Hunting co-star Robin Williams take over the monologue for him.

However, Damon's bud Ben Affleck was not so supportive, holding up cue cards in praise of Kimmel.

"He doesn't even love you like I love you!" Damon protested. "You'll see!"

There didn't seem to be an end to the new late-night host's special guests. Jennifer Lopez, Sally Field, John Krasinski, Robert De Niro, Don Cheadle and Oprah Winfrey congratulated Damon on doing such a great job, and Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore and Sarah Silverman also stopped by the set. And then there was the audition spoof that also included a slew of celebs! Check it out, below:

Kimmel will receive a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame today, Jan. 25. 


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