Mila Makes 1,000 Roses Request For Valentine

Mila Makes 1,000 Roses Request For Valentine's Day


February 13, 2013

Are you listening Ashton Kutcher? Mila Kunis shared on Ellen DeGeneres' show that she wants a "full-out" Valentine's Day filled with all the stereotypical gifts. So, what made the actress' wish list?

Though the Black Swan star, 29, starts out saying she just wants a "simple, sweet, meaningful" gesture on February 14th, she quickly adds that she's a fan of flowers and sweets. "Chocolates, who doesn't like chocolate? Super stereotypical."

"So you want roses and chocolate?" DeGeneres clarified. "All day long," Kunis quipped back.

She added to the list, "I want the biggest bear and a thousand roses. If we're going to do it, we might as well do it full out."

Lucky for Kunis, her boyfriend Kutcher, 35, probably picked up some tips about this romantic holiday when he starred as a florist in the romcom Valentine's Day.


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