'Breaking Bad' Script Stolen From Star's Car


March 26, 2013

You'd think being on the most popular show about drug lords and criminals, the cast and crew would take extra precautions! Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston's car was reportedly broken into earlier this month and a script from the final season was stolen. This means we should all be wary of Internet spoiler alerts!

The AMC show is shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and on March 1, Cranston, 57, reported that someone broke into his passenger-side window and stole a shoulder bag that contained an iPad but, more importantly, a copy of his Breaking Bad script, reports ABCNews.com, who obtained a criminal complaint filed by Bernalillo County, N.M.

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Though the script has yet to be recovered, there is a lead. According to ABC News, the "criminal complaint revealed how one of Cranston's employees, Taryn Feingold, was contacted by a confidential informant. The informant detailed to Feingold, and later the Sheriff's Office, about overhearing a man at a local bar bragging about how he broke into a vehicle in the Sandia Mountain Range. He then showed his friends at the bar 'some type of laptop or iPad,'...while 'describing how he also had a script from the Breaking Bad series."

The final episodes of the award-winning show begin airing on AMC this summer.


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