Shia LaBeouf Explains Alec Baldwin Beef

Shia LaBeouf Explains Alec Baldwin Beef


April 02, 2013

After being booted from the Broadway play Orphans, posting private emails from the play's cast and crew on Twitter and then sitting front row at the show this past week, Shia LaBeouf is finally addressing the "tension" between him and his former co-star Alec Baldwin that led to his dismissal from the play.

On Monday night's Late Show With David Letterman, LaBeouf described his beef with 54-year-old Baldwin, saying, "We had tension as men. Not as artists, but as men. I think in a room, that became a hard thing to deal with, and I think that when you have tension as men, that's tough til July."

Letterman had another suggestion as to what led to the 26-year-old actor's departure from the show: "Alec went to the producers and said, 'I can't take it another day, fire him.'" LaBeouf agreed, saying, "I think that might have been what happened."

Explaining why he showed up front row to the show, LaBeouf joked, "It was the only ticket I could get actually. ...I've been part of the play for three years, and I showed up as a fan."

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He added, "[Baldwin's] a good dude, and the show is terrific. I got nothing bad to say." When asked if LaBeouf would consider a reconciliation with Baldwin, the actor answered, "I think that'd be a tough one to pull off. I mean I'm all for it."

LaBeouf added to camera, "Alec, I think you're awesome. That's it."

Speaking of getting the boot, the Lawless star showed up to the Late Show wearing a walking boot on his left side. Hear how he got his broken foot in the video, below:


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