Bynes Tweets (Then Deletes): Somone

Bynes Tweets (Then Deletes): Somone's Posing As Me


April 03, 2013

After bailing on her suspended license court hearing on Tuesday, Amanda Bynes made some pretty outrageous claims on Twitter. Though she later deleted the posts, the What I Like About You actress tweeted that the photos taken by the paparazzi that look to be of her in New York donning a red hairstyle are in fact that of an impostor.

Early Wednesday morning, Bynes, who turns 27 today, wrote: "My hair is blonde I've never been a redhead! Somebody keeps posing as me! Check my photos on twitter for up to date pictures!"

She added: "Fake or real microdermals same glasses! I don't own those clothes and I'm blonde! Haha!" The tweets were promptly deleted, but a few other ones were kept, including: "It's all about me on Twitter," and "Watch me flourish."

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Meanwhile back at court, reports are claiming that Bynes' lawyers are working on a plea deal for the young star after she was slapped with two misdemeanor counts of driving with a suspended license. The California court granted a continuance prior to a pretrial as the actress' attorney was still waiting on some documents to be signed by his client.

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