Jen: I'm 'Constantly Scared' of Fiance's Pranks


April 18, 2013

Justin Theroux knows how to keep Jennifer Aniston on her toes! The actress reveals that her fiance is quite the prankster around their house.

"Well, he calls it trickery," Aniston, 44, told Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday's show. "But he's constantly hiding behind drapes. And I'm constantly scared. It's like it doesn't get old on me."

Aniston, however, isn't as good at spooking as her beau Theroux, 41. She attempted to sneak up on Ellen which didn't go well. "It was as if you were running from a spider. ...Have you not ever scared anyone before?" the talk show host joked. "Don't you like to scare? Don't you hide when Justin comes home?"

When she wasn't scaring the host, Aniston answered questions regarding rumors that there is a Friends reunion coming soon. Not really sure where this report came from, the actress joked, "Well, you're hearing it here first, as am I."

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Aniston added, "Did Matthew Perry start that? Because he's been getting some good airtime on this show. I've been watching."


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