Paltrow Deemed World

Paltrow Deemed World's Most Beautiful Woman

April 24, 2013

Iron Man 3 star Gwyneth Paltrow has People magazine's vote! The actress has been chosen as their 2013 World's Most Beautiful Woman.

That being said, the 40-year-old mom insists that when she's off the red carpet, she definitely has a slouchy side. "Around the house, I'm in jeans and a T-shirt. I don't really wear makeup. That's what they're used to," she said of her family, eight-year-old daughter Apple, seven-year-old son Moses and husband Chris Martin. "[Chris will] make a joke about it. If I've gotten fully dressed up, he'll be like, 'Oh, wow! You're Gwyneth Paltrow!' Because he's used to seeing me in like baggy shorts and frizzy hair."

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So, how does she keep up her good looks? Paltrow says working out keeps her young. "It makes me look younger and feel strong. When I first started, I thought, 'I'll never be good at this. This is a nightmare!' But now it's like brushing my teeth, I just do it."

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What do you think? Is Gwyneth the World's Most Beautiful Woman of the year?


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