Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Betty Ford: REPORTS

Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Betty Ford: REPORTS


May 03, 2013

It seems Lindsay Lohan didn't quite make it to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, Calif. as planned, but reports are now surfacing that the troubled actress did manage to check into another rehab facility.

According to several online news outlets on Thursday afternoon, Lohan decided not to enter Morningside, and instead was attempting to find a flight back to New York.

The New York Daily News, among other reports, has now confirmed that she instead checked into California's Betty Ford Center late Thursday. This is the same facility Lohan, 26, entered in 2010, and was accused of assaulting a staffer.

An arrest warrant was assumed to have been issued for the Mean Girls actress, 26, if she did not check into rehab. "She felt Morningside was not suitable for her," a source for Us Weekly said of Lohan. "There were too many paparazzi everywhere and she didn't feel safe. Nobody close to her is happy about this. They think she's really not being smart."

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A source for The New York Daily News backed up this claim, adding, "She was saying, 'I'm not going to rehab. I'm not going to rehab. Take me back to the airport."

Some reports say that Lohan never made it to Morningside but Radar Online says the actress went into the facility but left a few minutes later. "She told people there that she didn't need rehab," a source told the website. "And then she left. Everyone was stunned."

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The actress' father, Michael Lohan, confirmed to NY Daily News that his daughter had checked into a facility and was "okay." Lohan's father claims on his Twitter that Morningside's license had been revoked, with one tweet reading: "STATE SUSPENDS @morningside LICENSE BC OWNER MARY HELLEN BEATIICATO RUNSVROGUEV REHAB."

He added: "@morningside PAYING Mark Heller off for sending Lindsay to @morningside , when the drug den wasn't even approved. I smell INVESTIGATION."


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