New 'Arrested' Trailer: The Bluths Are Back!


May 13, 2013

For Arrested Development fans, May 26 can't come soon enough. The cult-classic series returns to NetFlix, and the newest trailer for the highly anticipated show reveals that members of the Bluth-Funke family are still up to their old tricks, magician Gob Bluth included.

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Jason Bateman, who plays family leader Michael Bluth, revealed that the format of this season is slightly different than Arrested Development fans are used to. "We were supposed to do a movie, and we still very well might. But every time the showrunner tried to put this big story that he wants to do in this movie in a movie script, which can only be like 110 pages, it got too big. So what he thought was, I'll put the first act of this three-act story in these episodes," Bateman explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past April

"So each character gets their own episode and all the action happens at the same time, so it can only really work on Netflix, where these episodes are released on the same day. So like, you can stop my episode if you see Gob [Will Arnett] run by on his Segway, you can stop mine, click over into his, watch where he's going because all the action happens at the same time 'cause it's all just act one. And in the movie it's going to be act 2 and act 3, so it's like a hybrid package."

What do you think? Will the upcoming season be able to live up to the rest of the series?


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