Benedict's Deleted 'Star Trek' Shower Scene


May 23, 2013

J.J. Abrams has received a bit of heat for the Star Trek Into Darkness scene of actress Alice Eve in her bra and underwear. While some critics call the quick shot sexist, Abrams points out on Wednesday night's CONAN that not only do you also see Chris Pine in his underwear, but there was also a shower scene with Benedict Cumberbatch that never saw the light of day ...until now.

The quick clip of a shirtless Cumberbatch, who plays the villain in the sci-fi film, in a rotating shower leads host Conan O'Brien to joke, "He's not enjoying that shower very much." Abrams quips back, "He's in a shower of evil." 

Click HERE to view. 

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Prior to revealing the deleted scene, Abrams said of Eve's sexy shots that did make it into the film, "She's changing and the idea was, the intent was, it's Kirk (Pine) who was always a womanizing character, so the idea was have a beat like that amid all this action and adventure, have beat where he looks and looks away."

The director adds, "To me it was a balance. There was a scene earlier where he is not dressed either so I felt like it was a trade off. But some people felt like it was exploiting her and while she is lovely I can also see their point of view."

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What do you think? Was Eve's scene necessary? Let us know, below.


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