Brad Is Back!

Brad Is Back! 'WWZ' Sequel In Discussions


June 24, 2013

It seems those World War Z re-writes and re-shoots paid off! The film turned out to be Brad Pitt's most successful opening day at the box office ever, leading many, Paramount included, to start thinking about the zombie apocalypse sequel.

WWZ brought in an impressive $111.8 million worldwide, earning $66 million in North America, which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is "the best opening for an original live-action tentpole since Avatar."

This news comes as a relief to many involved after the film's release date was pushed back from Dec. 2012 to June 2013 following news that a huge reworking was done to the ending, with a price tag of $200 million.

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But following the film's box office win, studio vice chairman Rob Moore tells THR that Paramount is "actively" looking to develop a sequel.

Do you think they should make a WWZ 2? State your case, below.


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