Dramatic Reenactment! How Kimmel Got a Black Eye

Dramatic Reenactment! How Kimmel Got a Black Eye


June 26, 2013

"My eye is so black now, Paula Deen apologized to it," Jimmy Kimmel said of the shiner on his face on Tuesday night's show. So, how did the late-night host get so bruised up? Kimmel uses a dramatic reenactment to explain what happened.

The 45-year-old host hired a muscular, shirtless man in cutoff shorts to retrace his steps for the reenactment. He then tells the story of how he went to lunch with his fiance and when going back to pay the meter, hit himself in the face with the car door. "I learned an important lesson and that lesson is: Car doors open outwards," he joked.

Kimmel did end up having to go to the hospital and got 11 stitches in his cheek.

That's not all that went down on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Miley Cyrus also performed her hit We Can't Stop. Check it out!


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