Celebs Bombard Twitter With Wendy Davis Reax

Celebs Bombard Twitter With Wendy Davis Reax


June 26, 2013

State senator Wendy Davis caused quite the uproar in Hollywood and throughout America when she spoke for nearly 13 straight hours on Tuesday, June 25, without sitting down (she came prepared with pink sneakers) or having a bathroom break to attempt to shut down a bill that would reduce access to abortion in Texas. Everyone from comedian Ricky Gervais to The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks to President Barack Obama's Twitter all spoke out about the historic event, and the hashtag #StandWithWendy was popping up all over the web.

The filibuster was stopped two hours shy of midnight when it was ruled that Davis, 50, went off topic several times. The bill did not pass.

Here's some of the reactions that bombarded Twitter:

Ricky Gervais: "Whatever the outcome, @WendyDavisTexas efforts entered her into the pantheon of American heroes tonight. #standwithwendy."

Piers Morgan: "Another reason to love Texas... #wendydavis."

Emily VanCamp: "Yes. Thank you Wendy."

Chad Lowe: "Women of Texas, now would be a good time to move. Men of Texas, now would be a good time to cede from the the union. #StandWithWendy. Unfollow @AP for being complicit in the fraud perpetrated by the Texas GOP tonight. #StandWithWendy."

Evan Rachel Wood: "WTF is going on in texas right now?!"

Avan Jogia: "Just reading up on what's going down in Texas. Society not going back in time. #standwithwendy proves one person can make a difference."

The live stream of Davis' filibuster garnered 182,000 in online streams alone. That's not even counting what was aired on networks.


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