Mariah Shares Snippet From New Album (LISTEN)

Mariah Shares Snippet From New Album (LISTEN)


July 24, 2013

Mariah Carey left a voicemail for her Lambs on her Facebook page early Wednesday morning, updating them on the condition of her dislocated shoulder and offering them a taste of what's to come with her music.

After Carey's physical therapist goes on about how the singer is a "navy seal" and is recovering nicely from her serious injuries, the 43-year-old diva then shares a remix (about three minutes into message) that will be featured on her new album. Referring to the snippet as an "old-school moment," Carey plays from her iPod a "couple things you might like."

"Sounds like we're having a party ...but one thing I will tell you is I am working on this album and I am getting this thing done," the singer assures fans. "This is two years in the making of what I've been through emotionally, and in every other way."

What to you think of the new sound?


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