Tina Fey Catches Burglary On Camera

Tina Fey Catches Burglary On Camera


August 22, 2013

Blerg! Tina Fey didn't get the warm welcome she expected upon returning to New York City. The 30 Rock star revealed on Wednesday night's Late Show With David Letterman that her offices were burglarized, and she's got the whole crime on camera.

"Against all legal counsel," Letterman decided to show the office surveillance tape of the alleged burglar, who Fey presumes was "one of the moving guys," taking a computer out of the office in a manila envelope. "We're gonna find this guy," Fey says before airing the tape. His face was, however, was blurred out.

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"If you know blue shirt guy, or if blue shirt guy is watching..." Fey, 43, jokes with the audience. The writer/actress says it was this stolen computer that had all her new ideas and unfinished jokes that she's been preparing for her new show.

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For more with Fey, check out the rest of her Letterman interview, below:


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