School Removes Wrecking Ball After Miley

School Removes Wrecking Ball After Miley's Video


September 18, 2013

Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan removed their pendulum statue after students began to use it to copy Miley Cyrus' nude moves in her Wrecking Ball video.

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The university doesn't seemed bothered that people are riding the campus landmark, as it's "established a tradition for incoming freshmen (the majority of GV students have ridden the ball at least once)," it's that they're riding it naked, Total Frat Move reports. The 42-inch steel ball hanging on a 50-foot cable has been removed, but the tweets and Vines of these Miley impersonators have not.

In fact, it seems students are peacefully protesting to get their pendulum back. One person tweeted:

Do you think they should bring back the ball? Let us know, below. 


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