Katy and John Pose For

Katy and John Pose For 'Who You Love' Portraits


December 03, 2013

Katy Perry and John Mayer teamed up with Vanity Fair to celebrate their first duet together, Who You Love, by posing for some affectionate and rather intimate portraits.

"My girl ain't the one that I saw coming. ...I tried to run before but I ain't running anymore," 36-year-old Mayor, notorious for his celebrity romances, sings. "You can't make yourself stop dreaming who you're dreaming of. If it's who you love, then it's who you love."

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"It would be the highest compliment to the record if somebody said or people said, 'I don't even think about it being [about] a relationship, I just hear it as a great song,'" the singer/songwriter told The Associated Press of the love song off his album Paradise Valley.

What do you think of Katy and John's portraits by Mario Sorrenti? Click HERE to view more VF photos of the couple.


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