Kanye Commissions Warhol Picture Of Kim K.

Kanye Commissions Warhol Picture Of Kim K.


December 04, 2013

As his wife-to-be, the mother of his child and his muse, it seems only natural in the bizarre world of Kanye West that he would have Kim Kardashian immortalized in a picture by one of Andy Warhol's descendants.

Screen print artist Monica Warhol, cousin of the iconic Warhol, was commissioned by the 36-year-old rapper to bring the reality star to life on a canvas. "I totally wanted to do Kim. She's famous for nothing. It's fabulous!" she told Celebuzz. "She's so freakin' gorgeous. And she just had a baby. It's amazing!"

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The Arizona-based artist reportedly worked 10-hour days to complete this work of art. "I don't know if it's her beauty. She has so much space between her eyes and nose. She is so amazingly manufactured and beautifully perfect," said Warhol of the 33-year-old new mom. "I just thought this is the most amazing face to work on."

She added, "She's an icon -- a living, breathing Barbie."

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Warhol's work is to be delivered to Kimye sometime next week. "Hopefully, they adore what I've done. I love it. I'm really excited about what I've done."


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