WATCH: Kristen Wiig Is 1D

WATCH: Kristen Wiig Is 1D's Harry Styles!


February 19, 2014

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon got a special surprise on Tuesday night when instead of having Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig on the show, One Direction's Harry Styles showed up instead ...sorta.

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The 40-year-old funny girl showed up dressed like the 20-year-old heartthrob, but missed some major details when impersonating Styles. Not even attempting a British accent through the course of the interview, Wiig (as Styles) autographed a photo for Fallon, 39, where she spelled the boy band's name "Harry Stiles."

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The Bridesmaids star was also asked some simple questions about 1D, including how they got their name and how the group came together. Needless to say, both Fallon and Wiig were cracking up through her responses.

Also, don't miss the part where Wiig attempts to sing the boy band's hit song What Makes You Beautiful.


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