Best 'Late Night With Seth' Premiere Moments


February 25, 2014

Saturday Night Live alum Seth Meyers has officially taken his comedy to weeknights, with Amy Poehler, Vice President Joe Biden and A Great Big World helping him kick off his inaugural Late Night With Seth Meyers show.

Here's some of the more memorable moments from Meyers' Monday night debut:

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1. Amy Poehler Flirts With Joe Biden-- Poehler picked up where she left off with Biden, following his guest appearance on Parks and Recreation.

2. Seth Meyers' Thank You Note-- Meyers penned a thank you note to former Late Night host Jimmy Fallon in his cold open. In it he vows to always have original content ...after he's done ripping off Fallon's "Thank You Note" segment.

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3. Amy is a Showbiz Party Of One- Poehler reveals that she can tell if a baby is going to be famous.

4. Fred Armisen's Recent History- Is the new Late Night band leader making up a new segment?

5. Biden's Big Announcement- Will Biden be running in 2016?

What did you think of Meyers' Late Night debut? He seems to have won the support of the Jimmys!


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