Gaga Gets Puked On, Calls Herself 'Really Fat'

Getty Images
Lady Gaga's highly anticipated South by Southwest performance Thursday night took the 27-year-old pop star's bizarre antics to a whole new level.
While performing her song Swine, a woman shoved a finger down her throat and vomited a green slime-like substance on her, while she continued to play on the drums.
Gaga performed at Stubb's BBQ Thursday night, her first-ever SXSW performance.
And speaking of BBQ, Gaga also raised eyebrows when she told Jimmy Kimmel on an appearance on his late night show Thursday -- which is currently taping from the festival -- that she's been indulging in a little too much of it during her time in Austin, Texas.
"I am really fat right now," Gaga said, "because I have been eating BBQ all week. I had some from Stubb's because I am playing the Doritos Bold. We had some Salt Lick, too. Also, if I see any meat on the street, I will just eat it."
Gaga has admitted to struggling with an eating disorder in the past, specifically bulimia when she was in high school.