WATCH: Fallon and Palin Cover

WATCH: Fallon and Palin Cover 'Happy'


April 03, 2014

Sarah Palin covering Pharrell's hit Happy with Jimmy Fallon impersonating Russia's President Vladimir Putin might be on par to when she said she could see Russia from her house.

Fallon points out on Wednesday's Tonight Show that the former vice presidential Republican nominee predicted back in 2008 that Putin would invade Ukraine, which leads to Palin getting a phone call from the Russian leader.

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Putin, or more accurately Fallon as Putin, tells Palin that he's learned to play that song by "big, tall hat man" on the "Russian balalaika." After a few lines, Alaska's former governor comes in with her flute solo.

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What do you think of the Happy cover? Would you have rather seen Tina Fey playing Palin?


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