Selena Drops Parents As Managers: REPORTS

Selena Drops Parents As Managers: REPORTS


April 11, 2014

Selena Gomez is reportedly no longer in business with her mother and stepfather, but was the split amicable?

The 21-year-old singer has apparently been planning to drop her parents,  Mandy and Brian Teefey, as her managers for some time now, and all involved were okay with the decision. "This has been going on for a while," a source told E! News. "This didn't just happen yesterday."

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"They decided it's better to focus on being a family than talking about business all the time," the source added. "Listen, it makes sense because someone doesn't want their parents managing them for their whole career. It wasn't about her parents doing something wrong or bad feelings, it was more about Selena getting older and being more independent."

Proof that all is well with Gomez and her parents came on Monday night when the trio were spotted together at the Alliance for Children's Rights dinner in Beverly Hills.

Do you think Gomez made the right decision?


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