DAILY FIRST // Tuesday, 12.04.12

Knightley Showcases Hilarious Violin Skills

Keira Knightley should keep her day job. The Anna Karenina actress participated in a holiday themed-song guessing game using a variety of instruments on Monday's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but was forced to hold her own against some musical heavyweights. KEEP READING

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Kate Bosworth's Sexy Cover of 'Winter Wonderland'

As the latest face of Topshop and newly engaged, Kate Bosworth has something to sing about! The Blue Crush actress teamed up with her fiance, director Michael Polish, in a new, sexy commercial for Topshop that showcases her impressive singing in a rendition of Winter Wonderland. KEEP READING

Supercut of Every Movie From 2012

Did you not have time to catch all the blockbuster films of 2012? Well thanks to the Internet (Sleepy Skunk in particular), there is a mashup of every single movie made this year, all in under seven minutes: KEEP READING

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