DAILY FIRST // Monday, 12.31.12

Kim Kardashian is Expecting!

The rumors are true: Kim Kardashian is pregnant! The reality star's rep confirmed the news to ET after Kim's boyfriend Kanye West announced it Sunday night during his concert in Atlantic City. KEEP READING

Daily First's 13 Pop Culture Wishes For 2013

With 2013 comes a new beginning and the hope that Lindsay Lohan will finally turn it all around. That being said, here's our wish list of what we'd like to transpire in the pop culture realm within the upcoming 12 months. Click the pics, and let us know: What are you hoping will happen in 2013? KEEP READING

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Top Five

The Best Everything From 2012

ETonline has spent the last week showing love to the Best of 2012 -- from film to television to fashion and celeb scandals, we reviewed and ranked the last 365 days, bringing you only the best! KEEP READING

Revealing Celeb Twitpics

Where's the mistletoe? That '70s Show couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis shared a smooch under the Sun sign. Kutcher decided to tweet the kiss pic on Dec. 10, 2013, writing: "Unset #nofilter" KEEP READING

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