DAILY FIRST // Wednesday, 01.30.13

Kim K: My Baby Will Not Be a Reality TV Star

"Kongratulations Kim" was the greeting Kim Kardashian received when she showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with her sister Kourtney on Tuesday night. The late-night host decided to throw a mini baby shower for the mom-to-be, and even gifted her with a book of "K" names. But that wasn't all! Kim also revealed if her new addition will be on her family's reality shows. KEEP READING

Jason London Arrested, Poops In Cop Car

In a bizarre turn of events, actor Jason London, twin brother of Party of Five star Jeremy London, was arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct after a fight broke out at an Arizona bar. But that's not the strange part. London is also being accused of defecating in the cop car while in route to the jail. KEEP READING

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20 Life Lessons From Jack Donaghy

He's the man that taught us that tuxedos are to be worn after 6 p.m., and that there are no bad ideas but only "great ideas that go horribly wrong." After seven seasons as the suited-up GE boss Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) on 30 Rock, Liz Lemon's mentor will be giving his last bit of witty wisdom when the show airs its series finale on Thursday, Jan. 31. In lead-up to this ending, here are 20 life lessons from Jackie D. to take with you long after the show's over: KEEP READING

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