DAILY FIRST // Friday, 05.17.13

'Idol' Divas Face Off: Who Was the Best?

While American Idol's final contestants went head-to-head this week to win the coveted title, it seemed current judge Mariah Carey and former show alums Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Hudson also had something to prove when they hit the Idol stage on Thursday night's finale. Though many are speculating as to whether Carey lip synced her medley of hits, we're asking: Which diva gave the most entertaining performance of the night? That's right, it's a diva-off! KEEP READING

Spoiler! Guess Who Returns to 'The Office'?!

It was an emotional two hours for fans of The Office on Thursday night as they said goodbye to the lovable co-workers of Dunder Mifflin. However, there were some surprises for NBC audiences as a few familiar faces showed up to Dwight Schrute's (Rainn Wilson) wedding, but did Michael Scott (Steve Carell) make it? WARNING: Spoilers ahead. KEEP READING

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