DAILY FIRST // Wednesday, 06.26.13

Paula Deen Breaks Down On 'TODAY'

In her first sit-down interview since being accused of racist remarks, Paula Deen goes one-on-one with Matt Lauer on Wednesday's TODAY show and sets the record straight on what she calls "hurtful lies." KEEP READING

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Celebs Bombard Twitter With Wendy Davis Reax

State senator Wendy Davis caused quite the uproar in Hollywood and throughout America when she spoke for nearly 13 straight hours on Tuesday, June 25, without sitting down (she came prepared with pink sneakers) or having a bathroom break to attempt to shut down a bill that would reduce access to abortion in Texas. Everyone from comedian Ricky Gervais to The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks to President Barack Obama's Twitter all spoke out about the historic event, and the hashtag #StandWithWendy was popping up all over the web. KEEP READING