DAILY FIRST // Thursday, 07.11.13

Check Out Lohan's Acting Skills In 'The Canyons'

Lindsay Lohan sets up The Canyons trailer with her recognizable raspy voice, asking the audience over scenes of abandoned theaters, "Do you really like movies? No, really. ...I don't know. Maybe it's just not my thing anymore." In the first official trailer for Lohan's return to the big screen in a lead role, we see if acting is actually her "thing" anymore. KEEP READING

Hear a Snippet of JT's New Song!

Sexy Back singer Justin Timberlake will attempt to take back the night when his new song drops on...well, he hasn't revealed that yet but he did offer a preview of the dance track. KEEP READING

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Whitney's Daughter Engaged: He's Not My Brother!

The late Whitney Houston is said to have raised Nick Gordon as if he was her own son, putting him up in her home as a young boy, but now he is set to marry her daughter. Bobbi Kristina announced the news via Facebook, and was eager to set the record straight on her association with her fiance. KEEP READING

Diane Kruger Cried When She Met Don Johnson

Inglourious Basterds beauty Diane Kruger may have found love with Dawson's Creek star Joshua Jackson, but it's '80s heartthrob Don Johnson that can bring her to tears. The actress revealed on Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she "immediately started crying" upon meeting the Miami Vice star. KEEP READING